Vegan petfood is the future

In recent years, there has been a trend toward more and more plant-based products. The number of veg products has increased enormously. These developments point in a clear direction and also affect the market for pet products. More and more veggie and flexitarian pet owners want to make the choice to serve their dog or cat a meatless menu.

About 5% of your customers is interested in plant based pet food!

Why feed vegetable-based food

The four main reasons to start feeding vegan pet food:

Sustainable - Vegetable products are more environmentally friendly than animal products.
Animal friendly - No animals have to be killed for feeding your cat or dog.
Healthy - The complete foods contain all the substances a dog or cat needs to lead a healthy and enjoyable life.
Tasty - Many dogs and cats already enjoy a vegetable meal every day!

Vegan Brands

At Veganpets you can buy the following brands:

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Vegan pet food is the future!

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