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New in the range: VEGDOG!

We are very excited to announce that we are partnering with VEGDOG! You can now order the products of this German vegan dog food brand from this website! Vegdog's food is developed in cooperation with veterinarians and specialized laboratories. VEGDOG uses high quality regional ingredients. To ensure that all nutritional needs are fully met, VEGDOG supplements its products with mineral powder and a special type of seaweed. In this way, the products are an adequate supply of omega 3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

VEGDOG uses ingredients such as nettles, lentils, carrot, lupine, sweet potato and blueberries. In addition, the soy they use comes from local cultivation in Germany and Austria. Soy has an optimal amino acid profile, making it an excellent source of protein for dogs.

View the assortment of VEGDOG.


New in the range: Soopa and Dr. Chew!

We have expanded our assortment with the 100% natural dog food brand Soopa! Soopa has created healthy dog snacks with fruits and vegetables that can also be eaten by humans. The basic ingredients are completely natural and suitable for dogs with allergies, obesity, diabetes, liver or kidney disease or who have problems with the pancreas.

Soopa uses natural ingredients such as chia seeds, coconut and sweet potato. The range includes dental sticks, candies and dried chewy fruit. The products are available for puppies and for adult dogs. View the assortment of Soopa.

Order now also the dog snacks of Dr. Chew at Veganpets!

The vegan dog food brand Dr. Chew makes dog snacks that are delicious for any dog, and even suitable for overweight dogs. The snacks are made with 100% dried sweet potato. We supply 5 types of Dr. Chew snacks, for every dog a desired size: Large, Regular, Small and Petite. View the dog snacks from Dr. Chew.
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