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HOWND's mission is to improve the health of dogs without compromising the health and living conditions of other animals. That is why HOWND creates cruelty-free, vegan and natural care products for dogs. And that's not all! HOWND wants to make a bigger impact and has therefore also developed vegan dog food.

HOWND dog food has all the proteins, fats, carbohydrates, nutrients and vitamins a dog needs. So in other words: it is a complete food. HOWND's products are enriched with organic ingredients. They are super healthy and contain lentils, blueberries, chia seeds, pumpkin and quinoa.

Why Hownd?




Hownd White & Bright Color Enhancing Conditioning Shampoo gives optimal results for all coat colors. Effectively neutralizes discoloration and helps remove stains. Content 250ml.
Hownd Got An Itch? Natural Conditioning Shampoo soothes and nourishes dry, flaky skin. Content 250ml.
Hownd Golden Oldies Natural Conditioning Shampoo rejuvenates and absorbs odors. Content 250ml.
Hownd Dry Foam Wash Natural Dry Shampoo Clean, dry your dog and he/she smells divine in minutes. No fuss, no mess, waterless foam shampoo. Content 250ml.
Hownd Keep Calm Moisturizing Body Mist with essential oils for a calm mind & conditioned body. Content 250ml.
Hownd Yup You Stink! Moisturizing Body Mist absorbs odors. Content 250ml.
Hownd Hemp by Hownd Skin, Nose and Paw Balm with Sun Protection is an all-season skin, nose and foot balm with added sun protection. Protects the soft soles of the feet on ice and on salty and hot footpaths. Content 50gr.
Hownd Plant Powered Superfood for dogs with organic hemp protein & moringa. Available in 2kg and 10kg bags.
Hownd Got An Itch? Hemp Wellness Treats with added turmeric - a magical herb containing the active ingredient curcumin which has antioxidant properties. Package Contents 130gr.
Hownd Golden Oldies Hemp Wellness Treats with added chondroitin and glucosamine. Package Contents 130gr.
Hownd Keep Calm Hemp Wellness Treats with added chamomile, known for its stress-reducing effect. Package Contents 130gr.
Hownd Playful Pup Hemp Wellness Training Treats are rich in calcium for healthy bone development. Package Contents 130gr.
Hownd Yup You Stink! Hemp Wellness Treats with dried mint and parsley, a delicious culinary herb to combat bad breath. Package Contents 130gr.
Hownd Yup You Stink! Antibacterial Emergency Dog Wipes. Effectively removes fox poo, cow shit, skunk spray, mud, urine, dirt and anything that stinks. Each pack contains 5 jumbo size wipes.
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