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The story behind Veganpets

Veganpets is the wholesaler for vegan pet products. Our goal is to make vegan pet food as accessible as possible for the consumer. The management of Veganpets is formed by Rick Scholtes, Alex Blanker and the brothers Heite and Johan Dommerholt. The team has a lot of experience in the vega and vegan world. 

Rick Scholtes is the big expert on vegan pet food. Rick started the largest vegan pet food webshop in the Netherlands: VegaVriend in 2015. Years before that he was giving presentations about vegan pet food.

Alex Blanker is the owner of VEGA-LIFE. He started this vegan store in 1998. VEGA-LIFE has a product range that is completely free of animal materials. 

Heite Dommerholt has been CEO of the meat replacement brand Vivera for years. He is also the founder of Culifrost and Dutch Tofu Company. 

Johan Dommerholt has many years of experience as CEO in the food industry, the last few years being responsible for Culifrost (Vivera).

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